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  • Half Hill Farm mushroom dual extracts now on Amazon!

    We are so excited to announce another way to purchase our mushroom dual extracts on Amazon! You can s ee all our products on our Amazon store page .  While you can always get a better deal on our website due to special deals and free
  • Get 20% off our mushroom dual extracts through September!

    Celebrate the enduring power of mushrooms with 20% off your mushroom extract purchases throughout the month of September!    Mushrooms have been used for centuries for better health & well being. As one of the planet’s oldest
  • We support accurate labeling of mushroom products

    Two major mushroom product makers are at odds over what can be labeled as real mushroom products, and we have thoughts.  NAMMEX wants the FDA to regulate the word “mushroom” in products to mean the full mature mushrooms depicted on their